Cultivating Confidence at Work

Having confidence at a job can be difficult, but is an important skill to cultivate when interacting with coworkers, bosses, and potential employers. Practicing confident language can help you value your work and gain self confidence naturally. Professionals are looking for people who have belief in what they do, so if you are feeling unconfident use the old saying, fake it ’til you make it!


When writing an email to another professional, use direct and engaging language. Avoid using passive words, such as “I think”, “probably”, and “maybe” when you know the topic at hand. If you want another set of “eyes” before you send an email, you can use AI tools, such as Grammar and Mango to ensure your emails sound capable and professional. Even though using elevated language can be good, make sure you still sound natural and personable.

Another tip is to set up your signature at the bottom of your email. This can be set up easily in the settings section and should include: your name, your graduation date or job position, your contact information, and your portfolio or Linkedin (See image below). The signature not only makes you look more professional, it also allows people to easily find your contact information for future collaboration or opportunities. 

Group Meetings

Speaking up at a group meeting might seem like a challenge, but with the right preparation, you can nail your next meeting. It is important to prepare before a group meeting, so you are not caught off guard. Writing your notes physically on paper has been shown to help people remember their talking points and can make a good frame of reference if you blank out. 

If you have a big presentation to present, it is important to practice in front of a friend, family member, or significant other beforehand. This can help you practice your flow, so you sound more natural and allows you to help get over your jitters. If you find yourself stumbling over your words, take a step back and collect yourself. Then, push through as if it is a real meeting.

Meeting Someone New

When meeting someone new, like a potential employer or collaborator,  it is handy to have an elevator pitch that is simple and easily adaptable for any scenario. Knowing your top relevant skills and career experience can lead to more ventures in the future. At the end of meeting someone, give them a business card. Business cards are a good way to stand out in their mind and are a physical reminder of you!

To further your connections, add them on LinkedIn about a day or two later, so they can see your further progress and experience while in school. These brief conversations can plant the seeds of opportunities even years down the line. 

Everyone struggles at least a little bit with confidence in the workplace, it is a normal feeling. Remember, most people are focused on their life, so if you make a mistake, just push through and avoid getting held up on it. You are in control of your own career, so step with confidence. You got this Tiger!