Experiential Learning

  • Maximize Your Summer

    As June kicks off and summer session begins at MU, students are likely finally getting into their summer routines. Whether it be summer classes, a part-time job, or an internship, everyone should be taking advantage of this time for personal… Read More

  • National Student Employment Week

    This week is National Student Employment Week— a week where colleges and students across the country recognize the importance of student employees. Students are vital to the life and atmosphere of Mizzou’s campus and the downtown area. Many business and… Read More

  • Office of Service Learning & MU Serves

    Hey Tigers! Here is an interview with Elliot DeNard, a sophomore Business major, discussing his experience taking a service learning course where he volunteers at Derby Ridge Elementary. How are you involved with the Office of Service Learning (OSL)? This… Read More

  • Getting Involved: Theatre Audition Experience

    Hi! My name is Raynesha. I am a sophomore majoring in Journalism. I love to write, to blog, to create videos, but secretly, I love to perform. Last year, I was in a Fine Arts course called “Theatre In Society”. Read More

  • Take a Risk!

    The start of each year often focuses on resolutions but at the Career Center we are encouraged by the idea of taking (small) risks. Doing something new can lead you to cool people, places, and experiences that you never might… Read More

  • Undeclared: How a Part-Time Job Helped Me Discover My Future Career

    In the summer of 2014, I turned 16 and began looking for my first job. Like most young people, I wanted a flexible job that was easy, convenient, and paid well. And I found it. I got a job as… Read More

  • 5 Perks to Internships for College Graduates

    Getting experience is important aspect of any student’s time in college as it helps them build skills, develop references and refine their career goals. Internships are a great way to get hands-on experience and this article from the millennial networking… Read More

  • Get Involved!

    Line up, Tigers! It’s time to get involved! Do you know what’s the greatest part about getting connected here at Mizzou? There are so many varying organizations for all the different types of students here! The easiest way to figure… Read More

  • Tips to be a Successful Intern

    Landing an internship is the first step into the daunting world of work. Being prepared and rocking your internship can help make the next steps in the process a little less intimidating! Here are some tips and tricks that I… Read More

  • End of Semester Reflection

    The close of the semester is always a time for finishing projects, studying for finals, and spending time with friends before the long break ahead. However, the close of the semester is also a chance to reflect upon all that… Read More

  • A Few Notes About Student Travel

    Sometimes, you just need to go have an adventure. The school year can be stressful. You’re getting older and the world is at the tips of your fingertips. GO SEE IT! This summer, after teaching in Korea for a month,… Read More