Making a good impression: professional attire

Whether you are interviewing with an employer, arriving on the first day of your interview or attending a networking event, you’ll want to make a positive first impression. Professional attire is a great way to reflect your exemplary qualifications.

Be Comfortable (and Confident): Dressing for success means showing off the most professional version of yourself. There are guidelines for business professional and business casual attire, but the bottom line is that you need to be your authentic self. It’s important that you feel physically and mentally comfortable in your clothes.  We recommend that you check out our Pinterest boards for examples of women’s men’s and gender neutral dress styles!


1.  Don’t dress out of your comfort zone.

Blazers are great… Skirts are great… Ties are great… But not for everyone.  If a certain article of clothing is just out of your comfort zone, find an alternative. The right cardigan can be an awesome substitute for a blazer.  If you feel like a duck out of water in a skirt, don’t feel obligated to wear one – pantsuits are just fine. Don’t have a suit? Dress pants or khakis and a blazer are a great alternative.

2.  Make sure your clothes fit.

This part is simple.  If your clothes are strangling you or falling off, you might want to try a different option.  Make sure your pants are long enough and that you can sit and move comfortably in anything you wear.  Clothes that fit can help manage lots of nervous habits (like fiddling with a cuff). And if you need lack the budget for a full professional wardrobe you can pick up a few key items (dark pants or a blazer), consider second-hand stores or utilize Truman’s Closet to borrow clothing for free!

3. Practice!

Dress shoes  can be intimidating or feel awkward so wear shoes you can walk in. Practice walking in your shoes and interview outfit around your house so it feels less foreign the day of your interview. You’ll want to feel comfortable and confident!

But don’t stop there! While dressed up, head to the Student Success Center and visit our Selfie Studio to take a professional headshot. It’s available weekdays from 9 am-4 pm and you can take as many pictures as you like and wirelessly drop them to your phone!

Good luck at your interview!  You are going to be (and look) awesome!