Make Professional Attire Your Second Skin

You’re exactly who your potential employer is looking for.  But what your interviewer sees when you first walk through the door is up to you and it’s easy.  You just have to dress to match your exemplary qualifications.

Be Comfortable (and Confident): Dressing for success means showing off the most professional version of you. “Version of you” being the operative phrase.  There are lots of guidelines for business professional/business casual attire, but the bottom line is that you need to be you and be physically and mentally comfortable in your clothes.  A sleek professional outfit can greatly increase confidence.


1.  Don’t dress out of your comfort zone.

Blazers are great… Skirts are great… Ties are great… But not for everyone.  If a certain article of clothing is just out of your comfort zone, find an alternative. The right cardigan can be an awesome substitute for a blazer.  If you feel like a duck out of water in a skirt, don’t feel obligated to wear one.  Pantsuit is not a bad word. Unless a tie is specifically called for, a sport coat and a nice collared shirt can be just as snazzy.

2.  Make sure your clothes fit.

This part is simple.  If your clothes are strangling you or falling off, you might want to try a different option.  Make sure your pants are long enough and that you can sit and move comfortably in anything you wear.  Clothes that fit can help manage lots of nervous habits (on that same note, if you play with your hair- pull it back or pin it out of reach).

3. Practice!

Shoes (especially women’s shoes) can be intimidating. Don’t feel obligated to wear high heels.  A person’s walk says a lot about their confidence. Wear shoes you can walk in. Practice walking in your shoes or better yet, have a dress rehearsal and wear your interview outfit around your house.

One way to practice is to put on your interview attire and head to the Student Success Center for LinkedIn Photo Day, February 6th! Stop by Room 24 between 10-11 AM or 1-2 PM to have a free professional Linkedin profile picture taken.

Good luck at your interview!  You are going to be (and look) awesome!