Organization Hacks for a New Semester

Hello Tigers! Organization and planning are vital for starting the new semester on the right foot. It might seem overwhelming at first, but it does not have to be! There are many tools and tips at your disposal to start the semester off right.

Read Your Syllabus

Syllabi are a great resource for students to prepare and set expectations for the rest of the semester. As you read your syllabus, be sure to write down important information, such as office hours, class expectations, and important due dates. This can help reinforce the information in your mind. Many people also like to leave sticky notes on their mirrors or doors to help them remember upcoming important dates.

Get Organized

Many students will buy a physical planner to keep track of work and school, however, there are a plethora of online alternatives as well. Websites and apps, such as Notion and Outlook Calendar, are exceptional for planning out classes, assignments, meetings, and projects. When scheduling big tests or projects, create check-ins to ensure you steadily complete your work. It is important to create a schedule that is realistic and creates a healthy work-life balance.

If you find yourself struggling with making a planner, Mizzou provides one-on-one academic coaching to assist in creating an academic plan and goals for the upcoming semester. You can schedule appointments by searching for “academic coaching” through MU Connect.

Exchange Contact Info with Peers

Your peers are a great resource for guidance or help. In the initial weeks of the course, make an effort to connect with your peers and exchange contact information. If you ever feel stuck in class, having a peer nearby can be helpful. Furthermore, studying with your peers can provide a new perspective and help you remember content from class.

Mizzou also provides Tiger Tutoring to all Mizzou students. The tutors are students who have expertise in the course subject and are eager to help with homework, test preparations, or projects. To learn more about Tiger Tutors visit the Learning Center website.

Further Your Career and Connections

Classes are not the only thing to plan for the future, career readiness is crucial for success after college. Mizzou provides Handshake to all students and alumni. Handshake is a great platform to find jobs and internships that match your needs. Handshake also allows students to sign up for job fairs and networking events. These occasions offer remarkable opportunities to establish new connections.

A new semester brings new opportunities for students, which can be exciting and overwhelming. If you feel like you need academic help or guidance, reach out to your advisor and they can find the resource you need to feel confident for the semester. Go into the new semester, charged and ready to start. You got this Tiger!