Additional Resources

Career Counselors

Both the National Board of Certified Counselors and Psychology Today offer directories to help you find an appropriate counseling professional in your area. The NBCC Counselor Find and Therapy Directory tools allow you to search by state and/or zip code and read profiles and qualifications of counseling professionals.

Chambers of Commerce

The chamber of commerce is an organization of businesses seeking to further their collective interests, while advancing their community, region, or state. Nearly all chambers include an online directory of member business that can help you identify companies you may contact for possible career opportunities.

Internet Searches

Simply using a search engine like Google or Yahoo can be a helpful starting place! Use keywords regarding your desired occupation (“Marketing”), geographic region (“Chicago”) or purpose (“jobs”).

Job Search Series

The Job Search Series consists of recommended job search engines that can help you find employment leads in a specific field or Missouri region. Rather than using meta sites or searching the internet , these recommended sites will.

Professional Associations

Professional associations are great ways in which to connect with people in the field. There are often membership directories and/or local chapter listings that include the names, email addresses and phone numbers of professionals you may access. Associations offer workshops, seminars, and training opportunities to members. To search for professional associations please go to or search the Majors/Degrees section of our website.

Social Media

LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook are all excellent networking and career development tools. We strongly encourage job seekers to maintain a LinkedIn profile as HR recruiters are actively searching the site for qualified candidates. Please reference our Guide to Creating Your LinkedIn Profile to get started. Also consider using Twitter and Facebook as a way to find and research company and recruiter accounts. Often companies/organizations post open positions or use social media as a way to network with or vet you as a potential candidate.

Staffing Agencies

Staffing agencies provide a service that matches the labor needs of its corporate clients with individuals who have the skill sets necessary to meet those needs. Job seekers first register with a staffing firm (at no cost) and then their credentials are reviewed as open positions become available. Staffing agencies can save job seekers valuable time searching for positions and provide candidates with a lot of flexibility to work in part-time, temporary and permanent positions. To find a staffing agency simply do an Internet search using “staffing agency” and include your city or state.

State Employment Agencies

State employment websites include agencies that promote the well-being of the state’s workers and help workers find employment and training. They also address issues confronting special populations such as veterans, migrants, youth, seniors or disabled workers. These agencies often provide the following services:

    • Process unemployment claims
    • Operate electronic databases for job seekers
    • List online business directories
    • Administer workmen’s compensation
    • Handle workplace discrimination complaints
    • Sponsor job fairs

Simply browse the web using “state employment agency” and add the name of your home state to find your local resource.