Why Work in Government?

Every July 4th we celebrate our founding of our nation and it seems like a good time to discuss career opportunities in government. Career opportunities in government range from cybersecurity to environmental safety to public health. Public servants are passionate about making a difference in the world and keen to help our government tackle complex national and global challenges.

The chance to make a difference

Federal employees change lives here and around the world, working to end homelessness, find cures for disease, keep our food supply safe and more.

Great benefits and competitive pay

Average salaries are competitive with the private and nonprofit sectors, and benefits—including health insurance, retirement and vacation—can be better. And federal salaries can increase quickly.

Location, location, location

Nearly 85% of government jobs are outside the Washington, D.C., area, and more than 50,000 federal employees work abroad.

Jobs for every interest

Whether you want to work in technology, medicine, engineering or national security, or have an interest in art history, zoology or architecture, you can find federal opportunities to meet your needs.

Intriguing opportunities

You can find interesting, challenging and groundbreaking work in the federal government, much of it similar to work in the private sector, only on a grander scale and with greater impact. Federal employees develop vaccines for deadly diseases, fight sexual and racial discrimination, and work on climate change issues.

Work-life balance

Federal jobs can offer flexible work schedules, including telework and remote work. In addition to generous vacation and sick leave, employees get 11 federal holidays off, including Veterans Day and Juneteenth.

Professional development and advancement opportunities

You can find excellent training and development opportunities in government. Many federal agencies work with employees to create individual development plans to help plan short- and long-term career goals. Once you have such a plan, you can find opportunities that align with your goals and help you advance in your career. The Partnership’s Best Places to Work in the Federal Government not only ranks agencies according to how their employees rate their overall experience, it includes ratings on professional development. Check it out to see how your prospective agency stacks up against others.

If you are interested in a federal government career, start by visiting the GoGovernment website designed for college students and entry-level applicants. Also explore the Career Center’s Government & Law career interest page with more resources, featured jobs, career advice, video shorts and more.