Big Interview

Big Interview is a web-based program that combines comprehensive training and hands-on practice to help students improve their interview skills and build their confidence. Students can access a database of thousands of questions for various experience levels and industries and rate and share their interview answers for feedback.

Classroom Integration

Big Interview is an excellent career development tool that instructors can integrate into their classrooms in a number of ways:

  • List Big Interview as resource on a class syllabus or Canvas page.
  • Make appropriate referrals to students and advisees who are interviewing for jobs, internships or competitive programs.
  • Create an assignment in Big Interview where student responses can be reviewed and evaluated by the instructor.
  • Create a custom set of questions that students can record and share with others for feedback.

Get Started: Request Account

Whether you are a faculty member, staff member or student TA, please follow these steps:


  1. Open Big Interview and click the Login tab*.
  2. Enter your University email and password and complete your profile.
  3. Once you have created an account, please request admin privileges from Laura Peiter at

*Note: Always use the Login tab and NOT the Admin login tab.

Create an Assignment

Once you have an account, you may login and select the Assignments tab from the top menu bar. Click on the How To Use Assignments button to start the tutorial video.

Create an assignment on Big Interview platform

Creating an assignment involves four key steps:

  1. Confirm logistics: Provide an assignment name, description and due date. Determine if you want notifications each time a student submits an assignment.
  2. Select questions: Create an assignment from a pre-made question template or build your own assignment from scratch.
  3. Publish assignment: You’ll be prompted to review the assignment for final edits and then will publish it to the Assignments page.
  4. Share with students: Each assignment has a unique Access Code you will share with your students so that they can complete the assignment. You may share via email, Canvas announcement, etc.

Create a Question Set

Alternatively, faculty and staff can create a custom set of questions to share with students. Students can record their answers and share their responses with others (external to the Big Interview site) for feedback. This is an ideal option if instructors want others, such as teaching assistants, alumni, or employers, to evaluate student responses.

To create a custom question set, simply login to Big Interview and click the Custom Sets tab from the top menu navigation. At the top right of the page, select the New Custom Set button to begin crafting your question set.  Users may browse and add preset questions or record their own questions.

Create a question set on Big Interview platform

Help Resources

Access the Big Interview Help Center to read articles on creating assignments, reviewing assignments and creating custom grading criteria. Please note that when you first access Big Interview, you will be logged in as an administrator. To see the student perspective, you can click Back to Big Interview on the upper-right of the screen. You may also direct students to the Big Interview Help Center for articles and troubleshooting advice.