Career Advising and Student Resources

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Refer to Career Services

The MU Career Center offers comprehensive services to students of all class years and academic disciplines. Our services include:

  • Career and Major Exploration
  • Resume/Cover Letter Assistance
  • Job and Internship Search
  • Graduate School Application
  • Career Counseling

Recommend a Career Explorations Course

A student may benefit from taking SSC 2100 Career Explorations, a one-credit hour course offered by the MU Career Center that focuses on helping a student learn about themselves and developing skills to make informed career decisions.

The instructors will guide students through numerous self-exploration activities to help them get a better idea about majors and careers that would be a good fit for their personality and goals. This course is aimed towards students who are looking for a major or who are in the early stages of exploring possible careers.

If you feel a student would benefit from these objectives, you or the student may request a syllabus and class assignment descriptions for more information by e-mailing

Provide Resources

The MU Career Center uses Mizzou Career Tools to manage hundreds of career resources. The collection includes career guides, handouts, videos, webshops, and many other resources all in one place. This is a great starting point to gather information on any career topic.

Develop Strengths

Utilize the available resources to promote your own development for working with students. Strengths@Mizzou offers reflection exercises that help you consider how you can incorporate your talents into teaching and one-on-one interactions with students. There are also sample activities that you can use in the classroom and additional Gallop resources to help your students understand their strengths.

Write a Letter of Recommendation

Writing letters of recommendation for students is critical to their future success. If asked, request the following from the student to provide crucial information:

  • Current resume
  • Transcripts or academic background
  • Explanation of the student’s career goals, desired job, or preferred graduate degree program
  • Thoughts on what topics the student wants addressed
  • Contact information for the student
  • A deadline for completion

Think about involving any or all of the following in a letter of recommendation:

  • Explain your relationship/contact with student
  • Highlight personal attributes and extracurricular involvement
  • Discuss academic achievement and honors
  • Provide an overall evaluation

Do not include information that might indicate the individual’s race, color, religion, national origin, age, disability, gender or marital status, UNLESS it is relevant to the position for which he/she is applying and you’ve discussed it with the student.

If you do not feel you could provide a particularly thorough or positive letter, it’s appropriate to decline and inform the student of your decision.