Manage Work-Study Jobs

Login and Password

Each designated work-study contact person will use their username and password to logon to the Work-Study Employment System. The contact person will be responsible for maintaining all jobs submitted and all student activity in designated area.

In order to add a contact, please email the Name, Employee ID, e-mail address, address, phone, and department. The primary contact person will be able to view, add and edit all job activities for the designated area.

Submit New Jobs

Departments must submit work-study jobs online. FTo submit a new job, click the ‘Jobs’ tab, select ‘Create New Jobs.’ Select Academic Year, enter the job details and click Save at the bottom of the new form.

Edit Jobs

A work-study contact person will make desired changes to job descriptions using the online system. After logging in, designate the semester, click on ‘Jobs’ tab, then ‘Search Jobs’, enter criteria for position, click ‘Search’ and select ‘Edits.’  Review job as previously submitted. Make desired changes and click Save at the bottom of the online form. All changes to the job descriptions must be made through this process.

Note: Each newly submitted or revised job will be sent electronically to the Work-Study Employment Office for confirmation. Once reviewed for fair hiring practices, jobs will be approved and immediately viewed by eligible work-study students.

Copy Jobs from Current to New Academic Terms

Note: Before copying over jobs, check current wages have been increased to minimum wage. If wages are not at the minimum, you will receive an error message.

After logging in, select ‘Jobs’ tab, select ‘Copy Jobs,’ click on ‘Employer,’ then select ‘Department.’ Check that academic terms are correct and then click ‘Next’.  Select the positions to copy over by checking the box next to the job number. Click ‘Copy.’

Employers should submit jobs by the last day of April for the fall/winter terms.

Maintaining Number of Jobs Available

First, employers will be sent an email each time a student selects one of their positions. See below.

Students name has accepted:

Job Number: MU 111
Job Title: Student Assistant
Supervisor: Truman the Tiger
Student Email:

Work-Study Contacts will be able to see a list of all applicants by using the ‘Search Jobs’ tab option and selecting the ‘My Students’ tab. For each new applicant, the number of jobs available will decrease. Therefore, it is important for the employer to “release” any students who are not hired.

To do this select ‘My Students’ tab.  Click ‘Edit’ next to the student’s information. Locate ‘Hiring Status’ and change to ‘Released’ or ‘Hired.’ Students cannot be hired prior to the first day of class.

If an employer needs to increase/decrease total number of jobs available, they must edit the specified job to modify the number of total positions available.