Manage Work-Study Students

Request Students

You can request a student for a job one of two ways:

  • Use the ‘Quick Request’ by typing in the job number and the student’s PawPrint or Employee ID (student number)
  • If you don’t know either the job number, PawPrint or employee ID (student number), use the ‘Search Jobs’ box
    • Select a year from the ‘Academic Year’ drop-down box and click ‘Search,’ a list of jobs should appear
    • Look for the ‘Request Student’ option for any of the jobs
    • When you click ‘Request Student,’ you can then search for the student you want to request
    • Click ‘Select Student’
  • On the ‘Confirm Request’ page, click ‘Submit Request’ or click ‘Cancel’ if you decide not to request the student

Caution: If you request a student that does not return to MU or doesn’t qualify for the Work-Study Program, you will have effectively eliminated a position for another student. This will be especially important if you only have one slot and it is filled by a requested student who does not return or loses their work-study.

Application & Referral Forms

Employers must have a n application form on file for each hire. Students cannot be hired prior to the first day of the fall semester.  The application form is emailed to the student and employer. Employers must add application instructions in the job detail from the application procedures field. For example, an employer may want all referred students to see the supervisor first, or convene at a specific date or time for an orientation meeting.

Release Students

Click on the name of the specific student, and indicate Release if a student is doesn’t want to be considered for the position or their skills do not match requirements of the job.

Maximum FTE

Work-study students can only have one WS job on campus. However, students may be employed by departmental funding (student employment) in another school/non-academic division within the University system as long as the cumulative FTE (full time employment) is no more than 28 hours. On PAF item #26, students who work quarter-time should be coded .25, and those students working half-time should be coded .50. The payroll person in your department can answer any additional questions regarding this classification.


Students must be enrolled in a graduate or undergraduate course of study leading to a degree or certificate. If a student drops a class, the financial aid package and eligibility for work-study could be affected. Students dismissed from the University must resign their work-study position.

Transfer Procedures

Work-Study job transfers, in general, are discouraged and under normal circumstances, only one transfer is allowed per academic year.

The Work-Study Employment staff is available and would be happy to meet with you or your student(s) to discuss the situation. Our role would be to listen, give feedback and make suggestions on how best to proceed. If it is decided that a transfer is the best option, the employer should follow the procedures listed below.

  1. Supervisor and Work-Study student discuss the situation.
  2. If they are unable make the adjustments that suit the employer and the Work-Study student, the supervisor is given a two week notice or makes other mutually agreeable arrangements.
  3. After the two week notice or the agreed upon time period has expired, the supervisor notifies the department Work-Study Employer Contact person of the situation.
  4. The department Work-Study Employer Contact person releases the student from the position. This allows the student to select another position, and effectively opens another position for the department.
  5. The new department Work-Study Employer Contact person will receive a request from the former department Contact for the necessary employment paperwork. The Work-Study Contact person reserves the right to not release a student if there is a sufficient reason to believe the student is abusing the Work-Study Program.