Benefits & Eligibility

Benefits of Work Study

Aside from earning income, students find that work study provides them with many other benefits, including:

  • Transferable work skills and experience. These are essential in your post-graduation employment search. While you may not be performing the same tasks in your career, you will have to understand the expectations of an employer and develop interpersonal skills.
  • Better time management skills. Student employees learn how to organize their schedules and plan how to divide their time between work, classes and different activities.
  • Positive references. Good working relationships with staff members can lead to excellent letters of recommendation or references for future jobs and continuing education.

Work Study Eligibility

The MU Office of Student Financial Aid is responsible for the initial determination of Federal Work-Study eligible students. This opportunity is offered to students who:

The MU Career Center administers the actual placement of Federal Work-Study students. Only students who have completed the following steps are eligible to select a work-study position:

  • Accepted their Federal Work-Study offer in myZou
  • Submitted all required documents listed in the student’s myZou To Do list
  • Completed verification, if selected

After selecting a Federal Work-Study position, students may be required to interview with that corresponding department. Selecting a position does not guarantee the student will be hired for that position.

If you have been selected for verification and the Financial Aid Office has not completed the verification process or has not received all necessary documents, you will receive a “File Incomplete” message when you try to select a position.